Thursday, 30 September 2010


All this stuff on the news tonight. Banks being given money, rows of empty houses and the all usual moaning.

Look, it's fucking simple. Leprechauns, I tell ya. How lucky is is that they've got them? And Guinness. Pot 'o' gold at the end of every rainbow, so all they need to do is get the leprechauns to fetch the fucker and hand it in to save the country.

Either that, or if they won't give it voluntarily, tax the little green-hatted fuckers. Yep, simple, they're creating wealth for the country by finding pots 'o' gold so it's only fair that they pay their taxes. Let's see them doing a merry jig after getting a tax bill.

Just like the others taxed into exile (Where are you now, Leprechaun Bono?), the wealth creating leprechauns will soon fuck off. And those leprechauns whose pots of gold were found at the end of the European Bank development rainbow, well let's see how they get on now, shall we?

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  1. How very true. The Celtic cubs have left the Mother's tit and gone off in search of fresh meat elsewhere!