Saturday, 12 March 2011

Take care, yeah?


It seems the perennial good bye was originally replaced by 'Later mate, take care' and now by the puke inducing 'Bye mate, take care, yeah?'.

Mate? Who the fuck? And the worst bit?

The stupid cunts actually expect a reply. Well, with me they fucking well get one.

"No, I won't actually. Next time I'm walking along the bridge over the Thames and see a good looking woman coming the other way I'm going to toss myself off. Or, instead of carefully avoiding crossing the road when the No.9 bus is bearing down on me at 29mph (limited) I'll step out in front of the fucker. In fact, if someone said take care to today you and you replied "I will" then you were fucking mistaken. You've just upset a complete cunt who's now going to kick you in the bollocks until you're wearing them like a pair of raisin ear rings".

Now take care ya'll.

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